Saturday, 31 December 2016

New years eve glam!

  Still looking for that perfect outfit for new years eve? Look no further! Here i have put together an outfit guaranteed to make heads turn. Its all about the glam and the glitz! Frills and sparkles are right on trend at the moment so be bold an playful when deciding what to wear for the last day of the year. Enter the new year in style! This dress is a great twist on the classic little black dress. It's taken the little black dress and thrown it a party! Red lips and nails add a  pop of colour to this outfit. Don't forget the accessories. Here i have opted for classic pearls as they are timeless and add extra glamour.

 New years eve glam!

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Berlin... Addicted to pretzels

A look back at Berlin, a wonderful place with a chilled atmosphere. I spent a few days here back in the summer. It was my first time in Germany and it definitely won't be my last. Here are my thoughts on Berlin... First off, what a cool vibe the city has. Everyone is just so relaxed and friendly. The city has some pretty nice architecture; take the Reichstag for example and my favourite building of all, the cathedral. It looks amazing and sits just along the river. The food.... mmmm. I lived off pretzels and tried my first currywurst, so delicious. Just outside of Berlin is a place called Potsdam. I spent the day here. It's a lovely little place with quiet tree lined streets and beautiful buildings. A great place to visit if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Berlin. If you aren't afraid of heights and would love to see more of the city, relax at a rooftop bar or visit the television tower where you can see spectacular views across Berlin! What are your thoughts?

Friday, 15 April 2016

Take a look inside - The beautiful interior of the Casa Loma in Toronto, Canada.

During my visit to Toronto, I went to the Casa Loma and explored the wonderful grounds of the castle or really fancy house built like a castle should I say? An act of love of course. I didn't know what to expect before going inside but I must say the architecture from the outside was very pretty, even the walk up the hill to the castle was pretty with the autumn leaves falling on the ground. Room by room, the Casa Loma just got more and more breath-taking! Recognise it? The casa Loma has been a popular place to film. You may recognise it in a scene from the vow...
Just look at that detail. Everything I would love my house to be. The furniture looks so grand. Every little detail is beautifully carved out. It has a very French style to it, Very classic, something out of the renaissance period, I love it. If you're in Toronto this is a must see, A nice way to spend some of the day listening to the history and taking it all in.

Coachella vibes

Okay so Coachella is fast approaching, only one of the biggest and most coolest festivals around. One of the most talked about things surrounding Coachella is the fashion. I love fashion and dressing my best but of course Coachella is somewhere you're going to wanna be comfortable yet stylish, so ditch those heels, unless you're brave enough of course. Grab yourself a pair of cool ankle boots. The outfit I've put together is something I'd wear for Coachella. It's all easily affordable and you can buy it all in one place... Topshop. My go-to when it comes to fashion, If I'm stuck for something to wear I can always rely on Topshop!

Coachella 2016