Tuesday, 3 February 2015

8 breathtakingly beautiful all white bedrooms & tips!

Sometimes simplicity is best. There's something breathtakingly beautiful about an all white bedroom. It's like stepping into a dream. A space which is calm, peaceful and tranquil. Considering a room change? All white isn't naturally peoples first choice, although you may change your mind after seeing these amazing rooms! Sometimes less is more! White looks timeless in any room. It gives the room a spa like feeling,
 Here are some beautiful white bedrooms that will leave you feeling fresh and chic. An all white room just has that wow factor!

A variety of textures is a great way to make an all white bedroom even more interesting. Play around with textures and fabrics to add dimension to the room, from pillows and rugs, to photo frames and wallpaper. A variety of textures and surfaces will make the room more visually appealing. Opt for fluffy rugs, and lace pillows for a variety of textures. Layering up also adds more character to the room.



There are tons of different shades of white. Mix different shades of whites and neutrals such a grays in a room for more depth and warmth. Metallic accent pieces also work well for a little hint of colour .They stand out and look fabulous in an all white space.



A feature wall or a pop of colour can look amazing in an all white room. It can transform a space. Make this the focal point of the room for that wow factor! It can take a room from boring to beautiful! A piece of art or some luxury wallpaper or even a fabulous rug can make a huge different and really draw attention.



Don't forget to pay attention to detail. With such a limited pallet it is important to pay attention to the small details such as shapes and surfaces, whether it's rococo style or smooth and sleek. A selection of interesting furniture is a great way to draw attention to detail. Every element of the room has to stand out.

Will you be trying out an all white room this spring? Which bedroom is your favourite?

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  1. Beautiful designs! I would love to have white bedroom, to get more light and feel more spacious. Especially like the second picture of your post:)