Wednesday, 30 December 2015

New Year's Eve outfit inspiration

So tomorrow is the last day of 2015! what a year it has been. I'm sure many of you will be out partying into the night and hoping to kiss that special someone at 12. Now a New Year's Eve outfit is a big deal to me and I'm sure it is to many of you all too! New Year's Eve is all about the fabulous fashion. So put your favourite dress on and celebrate! Im sue you want to enter 2016 looking fabulous right? In case you can't decide what to wear I've put together two very different looks to inspire your New Year's Eve outfit!

This outfit is all about the glam! You can never go wrong with navy blue, it's looks stylish and classy all year round and those feathers are just what you want to turn heads.

This look  is for  those who want to keep it simple yet fabulous. I love the detail in this little black dress and the red shoes add that pop of colour to make a statement.

Monday, 8 June 2015

The single girls guide to summer!

Being a single girl in the summer means one thing - more time to yourself! While your friends are probably off travelling somewhere, visiting their parents. or loved up with their summer romance you may be wondering what you're going to do this summer. I get it, you don't want to be alone and you don't want to be bored.
Containing only yogurt and fruit, this sweet treat is morning-meal approved. For some added crunch, you can even dip the finished product in granola.The Color Run! I found a great little tutorial for this paint powder!

(2) Likes | Tumblr

  Despite what you think, you dont have to be rich to travel. You dont need a lot of money at...

 Here is a bucket list of 25 fun things you can do!
1. Go on a spontaneous adventure for day, or a few
2. Tie-dye a t-shirt
3. Run a marathon
4. Set a goal and attempt to achieve it
5. Start a blog ( If you haven't already)
6. Draw more
7. Go on a spa break
8. If you don't feel like going outside, stay in and have a movie marathon
9. Go travelling
10. Go to the beach
11. Get your licence
12. Go to a bar
13. Meet someone new
14. Make ice-cream and popsicles
15. Take up yoga
16. Learn the single ladies choreography
17. Learn a new language
18. Try a physical outdoor activity such as skiing or surfing
19. Binge watch your favourite Netflix shows
20. Buy yourself and whole new wardrobe, and shoes!
21. Learn cocktail recipes (and then try them out!)
22. re-decorate
23. Go to the gym
24. Just be yourself
25. and finally relax!

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Topshop Top Picks

A fashion look from March 2015 featuring Topshop, gray t shirt and biker jacket. Browse and shop related looks.

Whenever I am out shopping, without fail I will always go into Topshop. If there's a Tophop I'm there! It's my first thought when I'm after something new for my wardrobe. I am a self confessed Topshopaholic. Seems as I'm there so often, I thought I'd share with you my Topshop top picks! Things that have caught my eye whilst looking around.

1. Topshop cotton trench coat
Okay, now I bought this for myself last week so ofcourse it's  top pick! I'd been after a trench coat for a while and this one is just perfect! It's a classic style and it's definitely worth buying, a fashion staple which will never go out of style!

2. Orange biker jacket by Goldie
This one I spotted online, it's right on trend! Orange is always an in colour around spring time. This jacket would give a pop of colour to any basic oufit and would look super cool and trendy with a pair of skinny jeans! It's a lightweight material which means it's wearable on warmer days.

3. Moto black denim dungarees
I'm a lover of dungarees. I think these black ones are really stylish and would look great dressed up or dressed down, wear them with a nice pair of flats and a stripped top for a super chic effortless look.

4. High crown fedora hat
I love statement hats and this one is a must this season, a perfect piece as we head into spring, stylish but will also keep you warm! A floppy hat looks pretty on everyone, and can add that wow factor to a simple outfit!

5. Magnum ankle boots
I've been looking at these boots for a while now and I love everything about them! The shape, the colour, the simplicity.

6. Got my eye on you motif tee
I like this tee and I'm really into grey at the moment. A grey tee looks awesome with skinny jeans and ankle boots for an off duty look! This tee is is just too cute.

7. Moto bleach authentic ripped jeans
I love everything about these jeans. They have that vintage look to them, bleached denim sand ripped. You can't go wrong, as we move away from our dark denim into something a little more lighter.

8.  Zip through pinny dress
I keep looking at this dress every time I'm in topshop. Pinny dresses are right on trend at the moment and this one is really caught my eye. I love the colour and the way it zips up straight down the middle.

9. Leather wrist strap clutch
A cute little bag, perfect for day or night. Mint blue is one of my favourite colours to wear around spring, it's so fresh. I am loving croc design on this bag. It's so simple and pretty.

10. Fringe ankle boots
Now these are a must this season, with fringe parading up and down the catwalk you'll be wanting to parade a bit of fringe too! A soft suede with fringe detail, these boots are perfect if you're channelling your inner bohemian beauty!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Staying warm in the City


Another look from last week, last Saturday to be precise! Lately I find myself mixing together a lot of brown with denim. I think it's a great combo! Especially as we head into spring. Trying to stay warm and casual, I opted for my faux fur coat from Miss Selfridge as it still feels a lot like winter. Okay my shirt is not denim, but almost looks it, instead its a super soft cotton, which is great if you want to feel a little more comfortable, as well something lighter is ideal for spring. My favourite pair of high waisted skinnies are from Topshop, my go to for high street jeans; great quality and comfort! My necklace is from Forever21 and my bag is by Jasper Conran.  Now for my favourite part of the outfit - the boots! My newest addition to my ever expanding shoe collection.... These knee high leather boots are from Topshop! I can't get enough of them.

Monday, 2 March 2015

When in doubt, throw on a great coat and feel fabulous




Okay so it was freezing cold in the city last week. So it meant I got to wrap up warm.... kinda. This is now one of my most favourite coats! I got it In December from coast and I love it, the lace detail and faux fur add so much glam, not to mention the fit is perfect. Something I always keep in mind is if you're not sure what to wear, throw on a fabulous coat and your favourite pair of shoes and you can look and feel instantly fabulous! The top I am wearing is from Miss Selfridge, I love the ruffles. The leather look skirt is from H&M.  The bag is from New Look. I'm really into box clutch's at the moments. I think they look great in the day, not just for a night out. My ankle boots are from Kurt Geiger ofcourse!

A luxury gender neutral footwear brand by Nik Kacy

So for as long I can recall, going into shoe shops, there has  always been a women's section and a men's section. Why is this? What makes that shoe more suitable for a man to wear than a woman or vice versa? As a woman are you  inclined to shop only from the women's section, or as a man are you limited to only wearing footwear from the men's section even though you've just seen a killer pair of ankle boots in the women's section you know you could rock with your favourite pair of skinny jeans? Only to realise they don't stock your size...

Nik Kacy is one on of first luxury footwear brands who describe their footwear as gender neutral. How cool is that? There's no categorising, just fabulous footwear anyone can pull off.  Nik Kacy's first collection consists of 5 different styles of shoes; the Classic Derby, the Wingtip Derby, the Desert Boot, the Dress Boot and the Monk Boot. Kacy plans to introduce traditionally feminine and non-traditional styles in the future.  He also says that he wants to show the shoe industry that our community matters and that style should not be defined by gender. Another reason to love Nik Kacy footwear - For every 50 pairs of shoes that are purchased through their kickstarter campaign, 1 pair will be donated to the Los Angeles LGBT youth centre.

So what are your thoughts? Do you prefer having separate sections for men and women's footwear or do you think this will soon catch on  with many other brands?


Friday, 27 February 2015

Everytime i close my eyes, it's like a dark paradise

Sometimes you put on an outfit and it instantly brings on a feeling or a mood... like listening to a song. Sometimes you put on an outfit and think 'today I'm going to be fearless' You should feel that way everyday, don't let your clothes wear you, you wear them. Wear them with confidence. These pictures were taken during a trip to London. A place I love. I'm head to toe in Topshop apart from my necklace which is from Dorothy Perkins. I love how everyone can rock an all black outfit, In fact you can rock whatever you wanna wear as long as it's something you like and you're dressing for yourself. To me this outfit has a very 60's vibe to it. I don't know if it's the hair or the shape of the dress. The way you dress does not define you but I like to think your clothes are an extension of yourself and your personality. I tend to dress in a way that expresses how I'm feeling. It's a great inspiration for those dilemmas when  you 'have nothing to wear' It's also a chance to get creative. As Karl Lagerfeld once said 'One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.'

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

LFW: Burberry brings back boho

A fashion look from February 2015 featuring long sleeve dresses, red tiered dress and patchwork boots. Browse and shop related looks.

London fashion week is here and its happening. A collection which really stood out to me was Burberrys prosum fall 2015 ready-to-wear. Patchwork, pattern and prints made it's way down the catwalk. The pieces were made from English fringed suede, durham quilts and English lace.

 The collection gives off those boho hippie vibes and seems to be inspired by the 70's with rich colours such as indigo. red, burgundy, teal and ochre - perfect for autumn/ winter. I'm all for anything inspired by the 70's I'm a lover of fringe and bohemian patterns - round shades are my go-to , whatever the weather.

Bold prints and  suede can be seen throughout the collection. Fringe is back, or did it even leave?! I love it! This poncho has to be one of my favourite pieces from the collection- a must for any fashionista. The colours go together beautifully and they're perfect to add a bit of style to a simple outfit.

These boots- need I say more? Spotted on Cara Delevigne sat in the front row at LFW. They are absolutely fabulous and will definitely turn heads! I'm loving the patchwork. Knee high boots are a fabulous fashion staple.

What are your thoughts on the collection? Will you be showing off your inner hippie?

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

8 breathtakingly beautiful all white bedrooms & tips!

Sometimes simplicity is best. There's something breathtakingly beautiful about an all white bedroom. It's like stepping into a dream. A space which is calm, peaceful and tranquil. Considering a room change? All white isn't naturally peoples first choice, although you may change your mind after seeing these amazing rooms! Sometimes less is more! White looks timeless in any room. It gives the room a spa like feeling,
 Here are some beautiful white bedrooms that will leave you feeling fresh and chic. An all white room just has that wow factor!

A variety of textures is a great way to make an all white bedroom even more interesting. Play around with textures and fabrics to add dimension to the room, from pillows and rugs, to photo frames and wallpaper. A variety of textures and surfaces will make the room more visually appealing. Opt for fluffy rugs, and lace pillows for a variety of textures. Layering up also adds more character to the room.



There are tons of different shades of white. Mix different shades of whites and neutrals such a grays in a room for more depth and warmth. Metallic accent pieces also work well for a little hint of colour .They stand out and look fabulous in an all white space.



A feature wall or a pop of colour can look amazing in an all white room. It can transform a space. Make this the focal point of the room for that wow factor! It can take a room from boring to beautiful! A piece of art or some luxury wallpaper or even a fabulous rug can make a huge different and really draw attention.



Don't forget to pay attention to detail. With such a limited pallet it is important to pay attention to the small details such as shapes and surfaces, whether it's rococo style or smooth and sleek. A selection of interesting furniture is a great way to draw attention to detail. Every element of the room has to stand out.

Will you be trying out an all white room this spring? Which bedroom is your favourite?

Hello to a fabulous new year

First of all let me start off by saying hello and I hope 2015 has been fabulous so far. Better late than never right? 2014 flew by. It's been a whole year since I started blogging. Wow. I can proudly say I stuck to one of my new years resolutions last year which was to start a blog. Something I'd always wanted to do. And well, here We are.

The past year has been a real leaning experience for me, I've only mearly stepped into the world of blogging and I love it.  I still have a lot to learn and a lot I want to do in the future. So come along on the adventure.  This year get ready for more regular posts, and more adventures... Oh and maybe a better camera and editing skills!