Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Blue lace

I remember finding this dress in a boutique , and realising right there that i needed this dress. I didn't quite simply 'want' this dress, I needed it, well atleast thats how i felt. Do you ever get like that over clothes? I knew i couldn't leave the store without it. It has to best fashion purchase ive made to this day. I know i quite often say that some items of clothing are my favourite things in my wardrobe, but this dress really is. Without a doubt, it's the most beautiful thing i own. Look at that lace! It just looks so elegant and looks even more amazing on. The navy blue colour is so striking. Everything about this dress is so perfect. I particularly love the simplicity and the style. Considering i absolutly adore this dress, i've only ever worn it twice. Maybe i'll wear it if i go to a big fancy party or event, After all you do feel super special wearing this. It has that 'hollywood glamour' feel to it, which i love.


  1. Wow, beautiful dress!

  2. That really is the most stunning dress!

  3. If only I had the figure to pull off a dress that beautiful. It looks amazing on you.

  4. This dress suits you incredibly! The fit, the style, the color! You look beautiful in it! It's very elegant and sophisticated! I love the constrast between the color of the dress and your hair!

    xx, Marky

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