Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Fabulous Halloween costume ideas for redheads

Halloween is an exciting time of year and only days away. Part of the fun of Halloween is getting dressed up and putting on a costume. Although sometimes you just can't decide what or who to go as. If your a redhead like me and still deciding what to wear for Halloween this year, fear not. I've done my research and really thought about costumes and ideas this year. In the past few years alone there have been many lead roles in movies who were redheads and would make great costumes ideas. I also watch a fair amount of horrors and know that there are quite a few creepy red headed characters out there perfect for a Halloween look. I've also picked out looks which are either classic or fairly recent.  Maybe your fed up of putting on wigs, why not embrace your red hair this Halloween. There are lots of different looks and characters you can go as who have distinctive red hair and this will work in your favour, making you instantly recognisable with your stand out red locks and costume to match. or maybe your wanting to wear a wig and go as a character with with red hair. There is nothing worse than no one understanding your costume. Chose someone iconic, showcase your fiery pumpkin coloured hair.  Whether you decide to dress scary looking or not is up to you, so here's a variety of my favourite ideas if your in need of inspiration.

                                               Moira O'hara - American Horror story

If your familiar with America  horror story you'll know Moira is the seductive ghost maid who likes to play tricks with your mind. The great thing about this costume idea is that it's recent and popular right now. You can make this costume as sexy or as scary as you like. You can decide to go as the young Moira or the much older Moira or even half old/ half young... Seeing as its the same person. This would be my go to choice!

Poison ivy is a well known character and a perfect dress up idea for Halloween. This costume give you the chance to get really creative with your costume. She's an iconic villain which will make a super wicked costume, not to mention how fabulous you'll look with your fired red hair and green costume!

                                                 Sally - The nightmare before christmas

I like this one because it's super artsy. You'll have fun putting on the makeup and you'll Definitely stand out. Any costume idea you get from a Tim Burton movie will sure be suitable for Halloween! This one especially. Who wouldn't want to dress up as a rag doll created by Frankenstein for Halloween?! She's the perfect creepy character for a rather creepy day, stuffed with dead leaves and sewn together with various pieces. This costume is also very in expensive and if your feeling crafty you could make the outfit yourself.

                                             Jessica Rabbit - Who framed Roger Rabbit

If you wanting to go more glam than gore this Halloween then Jessica Rabbit is the Perfect character. Sure shes not scary but she's iconic and instantly recognisable with that red dress and red locks. This outfit would look amazing with red hair or if you don't mind wearing a wig!  

                                                                   Carrie White - Carrie

If your a fan of horrors and want to go all out and don't mind looking scary then Carrie is a great option  especially as it's just been re made and is a classic horror. A rather simple look to go for. Add a pretty dress an some fake blood and your done!

                                                           Cady Heron - Mean Girls

I couldn't help but add this one to the list.Mean girls is one of my all time favourite films and i'm sure it's almost every other girl/ young women's favourite film too. If your celebrating halloween with a group of friends why not go as the plastics? You'd make a great Cady Heron with your red hair!

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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Halloween inspired everyday outfits

The Witching Hour

Skull and Bones

Bite Me

Pretty Kitty

Halloween is approaching! So I've put together some rather spooky everyday looks inspired by October 31st. If you're like me and love halloween, then i'm sure you'll want to get into the spirit all day long and not just when dusk falls. Here are some halloween inspired looks you can wear in the day without having to put on a costume.Get ready to put on a dark lip and lots of lace! You don't have to look scary, these gothic glam looks will keep you right on trend and looking super fabulous. why not make the most of this creepy day... it only comes once a year! Which outfit idea is your favourite?

Cold Colours

These pictures were taken just a few days ago. There was a chill in the air and it really was feeling like autumn so I opted for one of my favourite looks. You'll always find me in sheer tights and ankle boots during the colder months. It's one of my go to styles especially paired with a leather skirt and fur, I love that look. The different textures put together make for an interesting outfit. I love how bold  and eye catching this faux fur coat is - not your usual colour. The newest addition to this outfit and my forever growing shoe collection are these leather  ankle boots which I bought just last week from River Island. I must say, I'm rather happy I got them. I'd been wanting a grey pair of ankle boots for a while and I just feel you can pair these with a lot of looks. Even though they don't have a platform they are still really comfortable to walk in and could definitely be worn for long hours out shopping as i did. The little details I wore... Chains. I really like the look of chains on an outfit. I think it looks so cool! So I wore a bundle of chains around my neck and a rather large chain on my bag. Why not. If you like it, wear it.... 

Monday, 20 October 2014

On Trend: The Polo Neck Jumper

                                                            Zara - Knit square sweater

One of the great things about this time of year is wrapping up warm in a lovely cuddly jumper. This year it seems polo necks are back. I guess they never really go anywhere though, everyone likes to stay warm right? This autumn and winter make a polo neck your statement piece, the main focus point of your outfit. I've been noticing polo neck jumpers a lot lately, especially on the catwalk and their now starting to appear on the high street.I know polo necks are often overlooked. You may be thinking; what's the big deal? It's only a polo neck... but who wouldn't want a jumper and scarf all in one? haha. A polo neck is a very versatile piece. It looks great slouchy when your going for a more casual look. It looks great smartened up for work and it even looks great under a leather jacket. So you can't go wrong! Here are some of my favourites  and ways you can wear them.


Image 1 of ASOS Jumper With Kimono Sleeve and High Neck


Casual Polo neck

For a casual everyday look i suggest opting for an oversized slouchy looking polo neck jumper, as they are super comfortable and cosy! I particularly love this khaki green one paired with boyfriend jeans. This keeps the outfit looking effortless and trendy. The leopard  print slip ons are a great way to add some pattern to a very casual look, keeping it stylish. To complete the look wear a brown leather bag and sunglasses (if it's sunny) to accessorise, as well as a hat as it may be cold, and because bucket hats are right on trend this autumn!

Smart polo neck

Monochrome colours are a perfect go-to when dressing smart especially in the office. Why not try a chunky knit grey polo neck paired with cigarette style trousers. This grey polo neck by Missguided looks super comfortable and is easy to style for work. Adding a pair of loafers keeps your outfit looking very classic. This look never goes out of style! I particularly love these loafers. The black and white contrast makes them really stand out, and I'm all for a bold eye catching shoe. A polo neck jumper really can be smartened up. It looks so effortless yet so formal! A smart looking jacket or blazer is great for layering over the polo neck.


Add a pop of colour to your polo neck! If You want to stay warm in the evening and still look glamorous a bold coloured polo neck is perfect, especially if your out on a date or going somewhere special. A pink polo neck jumper will keep the outfit looking really playful and cute. A leather skirt is a great way to keep your look interesting and is a great combination when put with pink. Try mixing it up with textures and styles like the look above for something that will stand out and look fabulous. A bold necklace and pointy heels keep you looking trendy and feminine, perfect for evening wear!

Sunday, 19 October 2014


You know those days when you just throw on anything without giving it  second thought? Well that was one of those days. I don't know about you but i find the less thought i put into an outfit, the more i like it.  Sometimes thats the best way to be, spontaneous. Sometimes i really like to mix it up and wear the most strangest of combos, which tend to really work. But here i opted for something  little more low key and simple. I always think when in doubt wear black. You can never go wrong wearing black. I'm much more prefer autumn/ winter fashion to sring/ summer... there's more to work with. So i'm rather pleased it's cold enough to wear my faux fur gilet from miss selfridges. I'm ready to start layering up and adding on the accessories! My black skinny jeans are by Topshop. My top is from Dorothy Perkins and my hat and bag are both from Newlook. 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Blue lace

I remember finding this dress in a boutique , and realising right there that i needed this dress. I didn't quite simply 'want' this dress, I needed it, well atleast thats how i felt. Do you ever get like that over clothes? I knew i couldn't leave the store without it. It has to best fashion purchase ive made to this day. I know i quite often say that some items of clothing are my favourite things in my wardrobe, but this dress really is. Without a doubt, it's the most beautiful thing i own. Look at that lace! It just looks so elegant and looks even more amazing on. The navy blue colour is so striking. Everything about this dress is so perfect. I particularly love the simplicity and the style. Considering i absolutly adore this dress, i've only ever worn it twice. Maybe i'll wear it if i go to a big fancy party or event, After all you do feel super special wearing this. It has that 'hollywood glamour' feel to it, which i love.