Monday, 29 September 2014

The mini Porefessional and Elle


A while back i picked up an issue of Elle magazine, not just because it came with a mini porefessional by benefit which was a bonus! The porefessional was something i'd tried out at the benefit counter but never actually owned. Shocker, As i know its been a product so hyped about since it was released and i remember being amazed at what a difference it made when the lovely girls at the benefit counter used it on me, before having makeup put on. So for a while i've been using it up... that tiny tube really does go a long way! And still, it works wonders. Being someone who can suffer from the odd blemish or imperfection, i find this product does a great job at hiding problematic areas, not only that but it helps makeup to stay in place and last longer on the skin. Of course the porefessionals main purpose is to target and reduce the appearance of pores which i've found definitely works. It's a great cover up particularly around the nose area. The creamy texture leaves the skin feeling super smooth and silky soft! So thank you Elle magazine for the free benefit gift, I shall now go buy the full size version!

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  1. I'm the same, I've never actually owned one of these myself but have trialled it. I have just started following you on bloglovin, would love it if you could also follow