Monday, 29 September 2014

The mini Porefessional and Elle


A while back i picked up an issue of Elle magazine, not just because it came with a mini porefessional by benefit which was a bonus! The porefessional was something i'd tried out at the benefit counter but never actually owned. Shocker, As i know its been a product so hyped about since it was released and i remember being amazed at what a difference it made when the lovely girls at the benefit counter used it on me, before having makeup put on. So for a while i've been using it up... that tiny tube really does go a long way! And still, it works wonders. Being someone who can suffer from the odd blemish or imperfection, i find this product does a great job at hiding problematic areas, not only that but it helps makeup to stay in place and last longer on the skin. Of course the porefessionals main purpose is to target and reduce the appearance of pores which i've found definitely works. It's a great cover up particularly around the nose area. The creamy texture leaves the skin feeling super smooth and silky soft! So thank you Elle magazine for the free benefit gift, I shall now go buy the full size version!

Friday, 26 September 2014

That little black dress

I couldn't help but share this look with you all... even though though these pictures are from a few months back. This dress has to be one of my all time favourite things in my wardrobe. I love this little black dress from Topshop! I kept this look so simple as i wanted all the focus to be on the dress, as it already polka dot. The great thing about this dress is that its so versatile. I love the way the bow along the neckline gives this dress a formal look. I think its so pretty and the sweetheart silhouette and mesh just adds so much style! The boots are also from Topshop and the bright white coat... thats from La Redoute. I'm really into monochrome colours at the moment!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Matte Grape

I am definitely a lover of dark lips especially when fall time comes around. Something i love about the colder months is that the makeup seems to get darker and more dramatic. I love it! So after trying out this matte lipstick by Avon in the shade 'matte  grape' i was pleasantly surprised at how creamy and lovely it was to apply. I love this shade, It really stands out. It's a very dark purple with slight undertones of red, which are definitely showing through in the pictures more than the purple, as i had to use the flash taking the them. The swatch shows the matte texture and is a bit more true to colour. The great thing about this shade is that you can really build up the colour, if you prefer it quite dark, which i do!

Even though it's a matte lipstick, i find it still keeps your lips feeling moisturised and not as dried out as i've experienced with other matte finishes in the past. The tube itself is very sleek and i like the matte finish it has to it. If you're after an inexpensive dark matte lipstick that will last for hours then you should give this one a go as it's only £6! What's your go-to lipstick this fall?

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Some days are grey

Today was a very grey day, quite a few shades of it actually. It just so happened that the colour of my outfit matched the sky. Grey is my current 'go-to' colour at the moment. I'm currently loving these charcoal grey jeans i picked up in the summer from H&M on sale for only £7! Amazing. I'd been after the perfect pair of grey skinny jeans and i've found them. I particularly love the double zip just below the pocket. My top is from Newlook. I just love the skull design. The blazer is also a from Newlook. I love that tshirt and blazer look, i think it's a great combination! These boots are my favourite boots ever, if i could buy enough pairs to last me a lifetime, i would. They're from Topshop and i  adore them, the shape, the colour, the style... and the fact that they're super comfy and easy to walk in! Now i didn't get a close up of the boots whilst i was out, so here's one i took later on. Enjoy!

20 reasons to love Autumn/ Winter fashion

 Image Source

1. You can dress more chic
2. Layering up is always fun
3. Outfits are more interesting
4. You can play around with different textures and fabrics
5. Cosy jumpers feel lovely against the skin
6. A great pair of boots can transform a basic outfit
7. Colder weather = more reasons to buy clothes
8. When in doubt throw over an amazing coat and you'll look fabulous
9. The more accessories you wear the warmer you feel
10. The leather jacket will always be a staple 
11. Outfits are like an art form... way more creative
12.  It's easier to keep warm than it is to keep cool
13.  You can wear lots of fur
14. Hats, hats, and more hats
15. A hot chocolate becomes an accessory
16. You automatically feel more glamorous and put together
17. You can bring out the velvet
18. More jewels, more sparkle
19. Tights
20. More occasions and events to dress up for

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Summer Sailing

 There's no better way to get back into blogging than with an outfit post! So here is one of my favourite looks from the summer. After looking through images taken on my camera i stumbled upon these pictures from a day out at the beach, on one of those rare occasions where Britain actually sees some sun! Okay so the sun may not be visible here because it had already begun setting by this time, but i still thought i'd share this look with you as i love the dungarees i'm wearing! I got them near the begining of summer from Topshop and i'm pretty sure they're still available now, which is cool as you can transition them from summer to fall, just add some knee high socks, some cute little ankle booties, a chunky knit cardie and you're good to go! My stripy crop top is also from Topshop. I fell inlove with it when i saw it, its perfect for summer and i love the delicate flower detail. My espadrilles are also from Topshop, i bought them around the same time as the dugarees and crop top. So i just realised most of my outfit is from Topshop including my sunglasses! My bag is from Newlook and my necklace is from Dorothy Perkins. As summer is coming to an end i'd love to know what your favourite summer memory is!