Thursday, 17 April 2014

Slip-ons With A Kiss

These pictures were taken last week, A casual day consisting of lunch and shopping. I dug out a pair of Vans  slip-ons i had not worn in very long time, infact i had only worn them about twice before then. I guess i just didn't know how to style such a bold print on shoes. Since seeing slip-ons everywhere i decided to give these shoes another go... and i'm so glad i did! I think they're such a cute girly twist on the classic slip-ons. Oh and might i add these Vans are super comfortable! The perfect trendy shoe for when you're on the go! To go with the casual look i wore ripped denim jeans from Miss Selfridge to add to the skater chick vibes. My chiffon blouse is from Forever 21, I love the little gold detail on the collar and how the pretty pink blouse goes so well with the shoes. My white coat is from La Redoute, I think it looks great on those slightly cold spring days. The white just brightens up any outfit. I wore my favourite Topshop backpack and ring from Accessorize. This has to be one of my current favourite looks, pretty yet cool. I'll definitely be wearing these slip-ons more often.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Kate Moss for Topshop Collection

Just as quick post.The moment we have all been waiting for. A sneak peak into the Kate Moss for Topshop Collection! This was something I was super excited about as I love Topshop, and Kate Moss is just fabulous. I can already tell from looking at the pictures that the collection is going to be beautiful! Although it will be so much better once we get out hands on these stylist pieces. My first thoughts are... wow. This collection is just perfect. I love that she has combined different styles so there is a look every fashionista will love! I love all the fringe. The different fabrics and attention to detail is so pretty! There is definitely a few items I have my eye on, okay a lot! What are your first thoughts and favourite pieces?

Image Source: HapersBazaare

Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Fashion Blogger Bucket List

We all have dreams and aspirations, things we want to achieve and do. Being a fashion enthusiast I had always wanted to start my own blog, and write about the things I love. My blog is still very new and I'm still getting the hang of thing and learning the ins and outs. To help me along the way I've put together a list of things I want to achieve, short term and long term. Some of these ideas may seem impossible, but I have always been pretty optimistic. I hope it inspires and helps you too.

1. Blog everyday for a month

2. Make new friends through my blog

3. Go to blogger meet ups

4. Post more about my outfits

5. Have my own domain and site

6. Take more photo's

7. Own a Chanel classic flap bag (one of my most favourite handbags)
8. Go to New York

9. Guest post on someone's blog

10. Attend a fashion show

11. Be successful and feel proud of myself

12. Be featured in a magazine/ interviewed

13. Attend fashion week

14. Get to know my readers

15. Inspire someone else

16.  Post more DIY's

17. Travel with my blog

18. Work within the fashion industry

19. Be recognised for my style

20. Have my own walk in closet

21. Continue to buy more shoes

22. Use my blog  to help a charity

23. Make a difference in the world

24. Start my own fashion line or business

25. Find the perfect leather jacket

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Vintage Levi's and Leather

It was finally beginning to feel like spring yesterday, so I ditched the heavy coat and tights for something a little more... cooler. Here I am wearing one of my most favourite leather look dresses from Topshop. It's so simple but just adds so much style. I quite like the way it is not fitted in the slightest and just looks so effortless, but still stands out. Because there was still a bit of a breeze I wore my vintage Levi's oversized denim jacket. This jacket was definitely a great find. It adds just a little retro feel, I'm sure it must be from the 80's or 90's anyway! Levi's are my go-to when it comes to denim and I think this jacket just goes so well. My most recent purchase - the leather ankle boots. I love them! I think I've developed some kind of ankle boot addiction over the past few months. Ankle boots have always been my go-to shoe but recently it seems to be the only kind of shoes I buy and wear. These ones are from Topshop. Not only do the look great on, but they look great on my wall of shoes. Yes I do keep my shoes displayed prettily from floor to ceiling on shelves and yes I have way to many shoes! To add a little detail I wore a gold coloured bar necklace... oh and my oversized round sunglasses as the sun was in my eyes!