Friday, 7 March 2014

Why do we travel?


Why do we travel? Is it an escape? Are we looking for adventure? Or is it that burning desire to see the world. Why do some people chase the sun, whilst others chase freedom? For some of us, it's a must. It's something you know inside that you have to do. Whether it be for a spiritual reason, an adventure or a change, or to even find love. You can fall in love so easily whilst travelling. You could fall head over heels for a city. Maybe it's somewhere where you feel you fit in. Or maybe its somewhere that just gets you. You could fall in love with a culture or way of life or even food! There are obvious reasons why we travel, to rest and indulge, to get away from routine and everyday life... but there's more to it. There are those of you like me, who feel as if you are searching for something. It's as if my day just isn't fulfilled unless I am somewhere new, experiencing something different and gaining new knowledge of the world. Sometimes I wonder why? What is it inside that drives me to put myself into unfamiliar situations surrounded by unfamiliar faces. For me seeing the world provides a meaning and a purpose. It leaves me in awe. When I glace at something wonderfully breath-taking for the first time and take it all in,  it's as if my brain just saves a little screen shot in my mind. I think back and I am transported to another place, far away. It's experiences like that which stay with us. They are the ones which have lasting impressions on us and shape us into the people we are. It's the journeys we take and what we make of them which mean the most, Not just that but it changes the way we view the world when we are home.

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