Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Fur Coat And Ankle Boots -Olsen Stlye


Even though it's almost spring, it's still pretty chilly outside, so I wore my favourite fur coat for a day of shopping and then Chinese food! Fur coats are my favourite kinda coats. I adore them, Not just because they keep you super warm and cosy but they are also a classic, a staple piece which I think is great to have in your wardrobe. It's definitely something worth investing in. (fuax or vintage fur) The one I'm wearing is from Miss Selfridge, a blonde kinda colour. I think todays look was slightly inspired by the Olsen twins. I love them! They are definitely my style icons.
 The mustard jumper I am wearing is also from Miss Selfridge, another favourite of mine. I love the detail. Mustard is one of my favourite colours to wear. My black high waisted jeans are from Topshop.  The bag is from New Look. It's my current go to bag at the moment. I've used it nearly everyday since I got in in December, so expect to see more of it! And as for my black and gold booties - they are from River Island. Ankle boots are definitely my go to shoe.

Monday, 17 March 2014

How To Get Cara's Bold Brows

Since we are way into Brow arch March, I thought it would be a great idea to share with you some tips on how to get Cara Delevigne's statement brows! She's the 'model of the moment' and her bushy brows are always topic of conversation, you either love them or you hate them! I personally love them, having bushy eyebrows myself...
There's no need for brow envy anymore! With a few simple steps and a few product recommendations you can fake your way to thick! These products will help you achieve that power brow in no time.

The key to achieving such big brows is to tame, frame, fill and set. Before you begin to apply  products to your brows you should make sure your brow arch is in the right place, to do this simply slant a pencil from the bridge of your nose up to your iris. Your brow arch should be inline with the pencil. Are your brows the right shape for your face? An eyebrow shape which does not suit you can really make a different to the way you look. A simple chart can determine which brow shape best suits the shape of your face.

Benefit - Brow Zings 
If your looking for a brow kit that will work wonders, then you've found it. This brow kit includes a coloured wax, soft brow powder, two brushes and tweezers! Perfect for on the go, everything you need in one little kit to achieve those bold brows like Cara!

Laura Mercier -Brow Powder Duo
If your brows are more on the thin side, a brow  powder can really give the appearance of thicker, bolder brows. This brow duo gives you two colour options so you can create the shade just right for you!     

Rimmel London - Professional eyebrow pencil
If your lucky enough to have fairly thick eyebrows like Cara, Then this is the perfect pencil to fill in those sparse hairs. Keep it simple. Less is more! Don't draw them on, enhance them! The soft Kohl pencil is perfect for filling in any gaps and will make your eyebrows look fuller. The Flat brush is great to use afterwards to smooth out any harsh lines and blend in the pencil with your brows.

Benefit - Gimme Brow Gel
Bring on the brows! Benefits Gimme Brow gel is great for creating thicker, bolder looking brows and is will hold your brows in place. The gel allows you to gradually build your brows, depending on how thick you want them! Benefit Gimme Brow gel adds instant fullness and gives the appearance of thicker, dimensional brows.

M.A.C - Brow Set
Once you've achieved those bold brows like Cara finish your look by holding those power brows in place! Brush the clear gel through your brows to define and keep hem in place! The clear gel adds shine and leaves your brows looking well groomed.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

There is more to happiness than clothes and shoes


I must admit, shopping brings me great happiness but ofcourse this is only temporary isn't it? That feeling doesn't last forever. Buying clothes and shoes is one of my not so guilty pleasures, because well it makes me happy. For a couple of days or so. When I'm bored or need a little 'pick me up' I often find myself heading towards stores and spending money. Don't we all? Which makes me wonder... Shouldn't we be enjoying the more simple things in life... Not just that but shouldn't we be thinking more positive and seizing the day? Which is why I am finding new ways to think positive and enjoy life, because eventhough we may not realise it, it really is such a gift to be alive and we should be making the most of it. Happiness comes in all different shapes and forms.

The first step to happiness is to THINK POSITIVE, as I know a lot of people can be negative and quite hard on themselves (especially me). As soon as you banish those negative thoughts, you become less stressed and have less to worry about. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. If theres something you want to do or something you want to achieve, think positive, set yourself goals, and you will find everything just falls into place. LIVE IN THE NOW. Instead of worrying about something from the past or your future, think about today. Remember everyday is a new chance to change your life. CHASE YOUR DREAMS. Don't give up on something that makes you happy. Sitting around wondering when something is going to happen will only waste time. So go out and make it happen! Look for good opportunities in life. Take risks. If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough. SMILE MORE. As the saying goes 'When you smile, the world smiles with you' which is true. A simple smile could make someone's day. It may seem silly, but even smiling to yourself, makes you feel that little bit extra happy.

There are plenty of other ways to feel more positive and be happy within yourself. EXERCISE is a great way to relieve stress or anxiety. A little bit of yoga or a visit to the gym can really bring your stress levels down. Of course shopping for hours is a workout in itself, Doing something like yoga or a workout helps you to relax and no doubt you are always feeling positive afterwards. Another bonus, its totally free! READ A BOOK. Get lost in a book for a couple of hours. Reading keeps the brain active and your mind occupied. So find a book you really enjoy and get stuck in. GO OUTDOORS. Sometimes you just need to go outside and look up at the sky. Get a little fresh air, go for a walk. Sometimes its the little thing in life, the natural beauty around us which can really make us smile. SOCIALISE. And I don't just mean over the internet or on the phone. Catch up with an old friend, go for coffee. Sometimes its nice just to have company, as I know a lot of people spend their time communicating on social media sites rather than in person, which can often leave us feeling somewhat neglected. Its  nice to have a change of scenery and someone around. Life is better when you're laughing.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Why do we travel?


Why do we travel? Is it an escape? Are we looking for adventure? Or is it that burning desire to see the world. Why do some people chase the sun, whilst others chase freedom? For some of us, it's a must. It's something you know inside that you have to do. Whether it be for a spiritual reason, an adventure or a change, or to even find love. You can fall in love so easily whilst travelling. You could fall head over heels for a city. Maybe it's somewhere where you feel you fit in. Or maybe its somewhere that just gets you. You could fall in love with a culture or way of life or even food! There are obvious reasons why we travel, to rest and indulge, to get away from routine and everyday life... but there's more to it. There are those of you like me, who feel as if you are searching for something. It's as if my day just isn't fulfilled unless I am somewhere new, experiencing something different and gaining new knowledge of the world. Sometimes I wonder why? What is it inside that drives me to put myself into unfamiliar situations surrounded by unfamiliar faces. For me seeing the world provides a meaning and a purpose. It leaves me in awe. When I glace at something wonderfully breath-taking for the first time and take it all in,  it's as if my brain just saves a little screen shot in my mind. I think back and I am transported to another place, far away. It's experiences like that which stay with us. They are the ones which have lasting impressions on us and shape us into the people we are. It's the journeys we take and what we make of them which mean the most, Not just that but it changes the way we view the world when we are home.

ASOS Rotating Globe Adventure Watch

This has to be the most perfect watch for that global traveller girl. Not only is it super stylish and on trend but it is also very inexpensive at only £22.00 from ASOS! As you already will know map print designs are very popular right now and this is a perfect key piece to accessorise your outfit. I have been wearing this watch constantly since I bought it, and I absolutely love it. I rarely wore watches until now. I had been on the hunt for a map print watch for so long, just looking for that perfect one! I never saw one that just stood out to me as lot of them just looked very similar... And then I came across this! I love everything about it! Form the gold hardware, to the map, its so pretty. Which made me want it the most was the rotating plane and the quote 'The adventure begins' which I thought was just so exciting! The world really is like one big adventure, So travel and explore the world. Be brave and independent. Feel free and alive... You decide where you go, but anything can happen!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Eye Catching Co-ords.

A throwback to one of my favourite looks. I adore this suit. It definitely is one of my most treasured things in my wardrobe. I love the bold patters and colours. Matching co-ordinate suits are a must this spring, as they have been for the last two years or so! The suit I am wearing is from Warehouse and I must say it was definitely worth the money. I love the quality of this suit and the attention to detail. It also has a metallic shine to it, which I love. I love being all matchy, matchy from head-to-toe! I must admit I always feel like such a fashionista when I wear this! To accessorise  I wore my go to round sunglasses from Topshop .

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Calm and Collected

Orange is the new Black

Hello Spring